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Giving Back

 Nobody can do everything, but everyone can do something.


Alter Ego Fitness Experience is proud to support numerous very worthwhile charities and local fundraising causes.

Some of those we've supported in the past, with either actual cash donations or with a gift certificate for services include:

Community Fitness Run

  • Heart & Stroke Foundation of BC
  • Bi-Polar Babe Variety Show
  • Ride To Conquer Cancer
  • WIN (Women In Need)
  • Victoria Dragonboat Festival Society
  • Victoria Minor Hockey Association
  • Kaleidoscope Theatre Fundraising Event
  • Mistletoe Project
  • Jeneece Place (through the Mt. Finn Madness Event)
  • SPCA "Just Desserts" Event
  • United Way Fundraising Event
  • BC Paraplegic Society Event

If you have a cause that's near and dear to your heart and you want some assistance with your fundraising efforts, please contact us for consideration. We may be able and willing to assist.


Boot Camp equipment

We encourage our clients to participate in local fitness related events. And, in support of these efforts, we've conducted weekly training events and have entered teams of interested participants in the following events:

  • TC 10K
  • Victoria Goddess Run
  • Oak Bay Eikiden Relay
  • Heart & Stroke Foundation's Big Bike Ride

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