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Nutrition Info – Soaking (Activating) Nuts and Seeds

There's been quite a bit of talk (and some confusion) around an easy, ready to go snack idea - nuts and seeds.

Many clients groan when I tell them that after purchasing their RAW nuts and seeds, to fully utilize the nutrition they offer, you must soak them.  I stress RAW as "roasted" nuts and seeds aren't as easy to digest and the benefits derived from soaking is null and void if they've already been roasted.

Soaking your nuts and seeds begins the process of sprouting, which "wakes" the seeds into a living state, making their nutrients more available to digest.  Some refer to this as "activating" the seeds, I like and use that term.

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What Are Your Fitness Goals For 2013 . . And Beyond?

Are YOU like Calvin and, as far as you're concerned, think that you're perfect the way you are?  Probably not.  In fact, when asked, a majority of us will readily admit that there are things about ourselves that we’d like to, or are planning to, change or improve.  One of the things most often revealed as needing change is our physical fitness and health.  It seems that, during our busy day-to-day lives, we can find the time for a lot of other “stuff”, but ensuring that we’re fit and healthy doesn’t usually make the priority list.

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Let’s Get Physical!

Let's get physical, physical, I wanna get physical, let's get into physical. Let me hear your body talk

Just like that quote from Olivia Newton-John’s song “Physical”, we want you to get physical.  We want you to get out, into the great and wonderful outdoors, and do something physical.  Tights, leg warmers and headbands are optional.  But, for the sake of your health, you should walk, run, cycle, play a sport or (our personal preference) join an Alter Ego Fitness bootcamp.

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Santa Shuffle – 5K “Fun Run” & 1K “Elf Walk”

Santa Shuffle 2012

Alter Ego Fitness is once again participating in the local Santa Shuffle. This will be our 4th year!  Last year, we had 19 participants sign up on our teams and we're really hoping that we can exceed that number.

Please consider joining us as we support this fundraising event for the Salvation Army. It's a great time and is always a LOT of fun!

You can choose to do either a 1 KM "Elf Walk" or the 5 KM "Fun Run".

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A Long Muscle is a Strong Muscle – Stretch It!

I want to discuss one of the components, of an overall effective exercise program, that too many of my clients and friends tend to overlook or believe it’s not that important.

Stretching - properly and effectively, will help you increase your muscular strength!

Have you ever noticed how a cat or a dog, or even a baby, stretches their whole body when they wake up?  But not us, we have way too busy a schedule to take time to stretch.  And, when we do exercise – whether it be paddling, going for a run or strength training – well, we barely squeezed in the workout, we just don’t have the time to stretch.  Besides, stretching is boring and really, how can it help me get stronger, leaner or faster?

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