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Maximize Fat Loss – Plan to “Mindlessly Eat Less”!

If you're like most people you can probably remember a time when you ate more than you intended.  Studies have concluded that external cues influence how much you eat, which foods you eat, how fast you eat, whether you enjoy what you eat and more.

It’s not enough, according to these studies, to know your portion size, to know to stop eating when you feel full, or, what foods are not conducive to your goals of weight or body fat loss.

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Cut the Sugar Sweetness – Live Longer!


The word is out.

The “Fight Against Sugar “, as the Times Colonist article reads, is upon us.  It's time to cut the sweetness out of our daily diets.  I've been warning clients for over 2 years about the effects, especially the hidden effects, that sugars have on our minds, bodies and ultimately our increased body fat.

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Make A Commitment To Your Personal Health and Fitness

I applaud everyone who wants to make changes to their lifestyle.  Those who have a sincere desire to modify their fitness and health.  However, it seems that most folks don’t get past the first 2 months of their new-found enthusiasm for a healthier lifestyle.  Why?  Because there are too many out there who don’t really understand the concept of combining training (exercise) and nutrition.  Or, how they work together.  Each is not sufficient, on their own, to achieve the success that most people seek.

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Gaining Muscle Or Fat – What’s Your Choice?

Gaining muscle is good!  Gaining fat is not!

Did you know that, from about age 30, we start to lose muscle if we don’t work out on a regular basis?  In this instance, the saying, “use it or lose it” is so true. 

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Personal Weight Loss Resolutions

Did you recently make a "resolution" to lose weight?  Personally, I find it troubling when so much time, money and energy is spent to convince us to lose weight and really, what is weight loss?  When we lose weight are we really losing the excess body fat that is jiggling all over our bodies?  If we run enough, or sweat enough, will we see weight loss or less jiggling?  Ultimately, will we be healthier and fitter?  Probably not!

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