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My Journey to the Club Crew World Dragon Boat Championships

Gorging Dragons - CroppedI'm going to Italy!  The countdown is on, only 14 more days and we're on our way!  Why am I going you ask?  Well, the wine, history and scenery are certainly on my agenda.  But, that's not the whole reason.  I'm on a team that's headed to the Club Crew World Dragon Boat Championships that are being held in Ravenna, Italy.  There's actually four teams going from the Vancouver Island Paddling Club and, to be able to represent Canada and our Club Crew, each of these teams had to first do well in a National qualifying event.  These crews did that last year, when the Nationals were held here in Victoria, BC, on beautiful Elk Lake.

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Please – Don’t Race As A “Bandit” Runner!

Crossing FinishThis past weekend, I went out and supported my younger brother in his first ever marathon race, the 2013 Goodlife Fitness Victoria Marathon.  That's him in the picture crossing the finish line.  He did awesome!  He rocked that run!  He’d trained and planned for this run for a long time and it was really great to be able to watch him complete such a milestone.  I was proud!

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Top 10 Reasons To Work Out With Alter Ego Fitness

Alter Ego Fitness Experience- Boot camp class running on the beachHmmmm . . .work out in a gym, or outdoors?  Decisions, decisions.

You might think it comes down to simple personal preference.  But, I’ve done some research, and there's a body of evidence that suggests outdoor exercise might actually have even more health benefits than a trip to the gym.

With that in mind, and in a bit of shameless self promotion, I’d like steal some of David Letterman’s thunder to give you a quick “Top 10 list of reasons for working out now with Alter Ego Fitness Experience".

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Run Your Worst Race Ever

Alter Ego Fitness - Couch PotatoHave you signed up for a running event?  If so, do you want to do well?  Really?  Why would you?  Or, do you want to have your "WORST RACE EVER"?

If you've decided that you really don't want to do well, you've come to the right place.  I'm going to give you a point-by-point list of things to do that will ensure that you sabotage your training efforts (if you decide to actually train), struggle through the race and, if you do manage to finish, remember it as the "worst race ever"!

Are you ready for this?  Okay, here's what you should do:

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Dear Blog-ary: I did it! Yes, I ran the Bear Mountain 10K!

Dear Blog-ary,

Although I've already written the "final" entry of my six week Training Session, and the "Can You Bear It?" running clinics, here I am again! I couldn't very well have reached my goal of running my first ever 10K and not write about it. So, here it is!
Nine weeks of running training, on top of my six week strengthening boot camp sessions, had prepared me as much as I had hoped to be for my race. During the time I spent training, I had many doubts and insecurities. I often wondered if it was a good idea to make the Bear Mountain 10K my very first 10K event. It is, after all, promoted as "Canada's Hardest 10K".  But my drive to persevere helped me overcome my fears. I wasn't about to stop until I had reached my goal. The race would be a true test of my abilities and proof of how far I've come.

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