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  • Alter Ego Fitness Experience - Victoria, BC - Outdoor Fitness Boot Camp
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Dear Blog-ary: “Can You Bear It?” – I Can!

Dear Blog-ary:

Here's to all the brave and committed people who came out to Sarah's "Can You Bear It?" running clinic yesterday morning at Beacon Hill Park! We all could've easily used any number of excuses to remain snuggled in our beds just a little longer. I gave myself (two) opportunities to press the snooze button after my alarm rang at 7:30am.  I'm a big snoozer by nature. Who ever invented that button must have shared my sentiments.

Rather then stay in bed, I packed up my things and hugged my sleepy-eyed boys goodbye.

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Dear Blog-ary: Do “regular” people really run?

Dear Blog-ary,

I have a clear image in my mind of being late for the bus.  Running for the bus stop, down the road, thinking "I hate running!"

Little did I know that I'd willingly chose to do it on a regular basis like we did tonight. This evening Loreli led our "scenic tour" through Telegraph Cove. It included magnificent ocean views, and of course HILLS!  As much as I still wince on the dreaded cardio work out days, they really challenge me and give me great perspective as to how far I've come.

Although I've been very active in the past I had never particularly loved running. I never found any pleasure in it. It hurt too much!  I honestly thought that people who ran must either be training for a marathon or just plain nuts! Do "regular" people really run? I didn't think so.

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Dear Blog-ary . . Day 1 Of The Journey

Dear Blog-ary,

Have you ever felt as if life had a twisted sense of irony?  Day one of Septembers 6-Week Training Session started off a little differently than I had anticipated. My typical eagerness and enthusiasm was dampened considerably around three thirty in the afternoon when a migraine hit. Just as I was simmering a pot of lentils for a batch of my favourite carob/lentil power balls, I felt a twinge in my right temple and noticed sunny blotches in my vision, typical of an oncoming migraine. Before turning off the stove, I set down my wooden spoon and went for my emergency supply of migraine meds. I've learned the hard way, that I need to keep them close at hand. I've been a chronic migraine sufferer for years, getting my first serious headache when I was 12 years old. I've seen many different doctors and specialists over the years, visited a number of emergency rooms and used a rainbow of prescription drugs to aid me in finding reprieve from my pain. It's been a journey with many ups and downs and I could easily write an entire blog on my migraine history alone.

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The Girl In The “Old” Running Shoes

The following article is the first in a series of blogs.  A client will be taking us through her personal health and fitness journey, with updates after each class, for the next 6-Week Training Session. To protect her anonymity, we'll call her "Kirsten Wolf".

I always see the beginning of September as a time of intensity. Summer "break" comes to a sudden end, and life switches into high gear. Raising three boys (yes, I said three boys!), working part-time is more than a full time job.  With the busyness of coordinating soccer practice, play dates, swimming lessons, school lunches, returning emails to teachers or parents, soothing tears, helping with homework, grocery shopping and potty training (to name just a few), it's hard not to lose myself in the process. I always try to squeeze a few extra minutes into my morning to slap on some mascara and pin up my hair. I've mastered the art of tweezing with an apple clenched between my teeth and a boy clinging to my leg (Not an easy task!). I may never pee in private again, but I refuse to lose all my dignity!

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My Fitness (and Mental) Transformation

We recently asked our past and present clients to send us some of their thoughts on their experience with Alter Ego Fitness.  We're very happy to share the first one, from Marisa, with you:

I was introduced to my "Alter Ego" back in 2008.

A friend’s mom had signed up for a class and, over her 6-week program, I watched her transform into something everyone wants to be: Fitter, Healthier and Happier.

It changed her life and, little did I know, it was soon about to change mine.  I made the commitment and signed up for 6 weeks of progressive training.  I was totally freaked out!  I drove directly to McDonalds to say a final farewell to bad eating.  It wasn’t the smartest idea, but as I was entering a new chapter in my life I felt I needed to justify how bad I really did feel about myself . . then I got a stomach ache.

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