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  • Alter Ego Fitness Experience - Victoria, BC - Outdoor Fitness Boot Camp
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My Fitness (and Mental) Transformation

We recently asked our past and present clients to send us some of their thoughts on their experience with Alter Ego Fitness.  We're very happy to share the first one, from Marisa, with you:

I was introduced to my "Alter Ego" back in 2008.

A friend’s mom had signed up for a class and, over her 6-week program, I watched her transform into something everyone wants to be: Fitter, Healthier and Happier.

It changed her life and, little did I know, it was soon about to change mine.  I made the commitment and signed up for 6 weeks of progressive training.  I was totally freaked out!  I drove directly to McDonalds to say a final farewell to bad eating.  It wasn’t the smartest idea, but as I was entering a new chapter in my life I felt I needed to justify how bad I really did feel about myself . . then I got a stomach ache.

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You found us! Our new website is live. What do you think?

Our new website is live!

After much effort, our new website is finally ready.  Similar to a caterpillar becoming a butterfly, we think the new version is much improved.

It has a completely different look, with features and functions that the old site wasn't capable of handling.  There's even a "Members Only" area for our past and present clients to access information, including forms and a Training Program calendar, not available to the general public.

Please take a few moments to have a look around and send us an email to tell us what you think.

Trends in Fitness (Weight Loss) and the Health Industry

I was asked, just the other day, “What do you see as the coming trends in your type of business?

I sighed and went on to explain:  In my industry – to do with fitness, nutrition, overall health and, of course, the illusive weight loss – I’m dismayed and troubled by all the "quick and fast" approaches that so many organizations/corporations and, unfortunately, even those once considered "health gurus" are promoting.

If it were all that easy – no one would be overweight.  No one would have health issues around a sedentary lifestyle.  Heart disease would not be as prevalent as it is today.  We would just pop that "magic" pill, eliminate that food group, do that detox, eat that “super” food or whatever else is touted as the "latest", so that, before we know it, – we're healthy, fit, and slim!

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The Book of Awesome!

Book of AwesomeA friend recently suggested that I buy "The Book of Awesome".  So, I went out and got a book by that name (the one pictured).  Turns out, it was the wrong book.  The one that she was talking about is actually a children's book (I'm still going to get that one too) and the one I got is a compilation of anecdotes and short stories that the author says have caused him to think "Awesome!" when they happened.

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The Fitness Industry’s Dirty Little Secrets

In an industry that is so important to our culture, and our well-being, the fact is that we have some unethical and uneducated people in the field of Health and Fitness.  It saddens me.  I am SO passionate about overall health and fitness, I become very frustrated, and even somewhat angry, when I see and/or directly feel some of the side effects of our industry’s "Dirty Little Secrets".  Because of that, I want to share with you some of these "secrets".  Hopefully, this will help you to avoid them.  You have to prepare yourself and be knowledgeable about what can happen, what does happen and how to avoid them.  Knowledge is definitely power and, with the information I can share with you, you are less likely to fall prey or become injured.  If you aren’t aware of these "Dirty Little Secrets", you may be affected and you won’t know until it’s too late!

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