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Recipe – Chipotle Cocoa Bison Burgers

Burger - Bison Bison tastes similar to beef, but has a leaner fat profile and a slightly sweeter flavour. A 2013 study in Nutrition Research found that compared with beef, bison produces less of a bump in flood triglycerides and less inflammation - both heart disease risk factors. Like beef, bison is packed with iron - part of the protein hemoglobin that transports oxygen from the lungs to the working muscles. The cocoa powder added to the recipe provides a flavour difference and a shot of antioxidants to help fend off cell damaging free radicals.

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Recipe – Gluten-Free Burger Patties


With the number of people that are adopting a gluten-free diet due to a diagnosis as celiac, believing they have a gluten-sensitivity, having affected family members or simply a personal lifestyle choice, we thought it was a great time for us to try out more recipes that fit the need. This burger, no matter your choice of meat, tastes great!

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What’s Your Investment In Health And Fitness?

Health Is An InvestmentThe same as when you invest money in stocks, bonds, mutual funds and/or real estate to increase your wealth, when you sign up for any health and fitness program, you're making an investment in your health.  How much of a benefit you derive from that investment depends largely on your level of commitment.

Well, our clients have expressed a desire for increased "investment" opportunities.  They'd like more, and varied, training options.  With that in mind, for the upcoming 6-Week Training Session (and perhaps the foreseeable future), we're increasing class options/times AND introducing some package choices we believe will better serve your need/desire to invest wisely in your health and fitness!  ALL these classes will be one (1) hour in duration.

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Think Of Your Training as a “House Of Cards”

House Of CardsDo you recognize any of these terms?  H.I.T.T., Tabatta, Intervals, Kettlebells, Weights, Cardio, Aerobics, Fartleks, Core, Yoga?

They're all mentioned in many discussions around fitness and sometimes (I think) like name dropping, the use of these terms are for the sole purpose of impressing others in the conversation.

Well, I'd like you to think of them as building blocks or (as suggested in the title) "cards" to be used as you build your individual "house of cards" fitness regime. As you use them, your house can get stronger and more diverse.

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Recipe – Power Balls (or “Raw Cookie Dough”)

Power ballsThis recipe (adapted from the “Whole Foods to Thrive” cookbook) is another variation for some good tasting power balls that you can easily use as a "pre" or "post" workout snack.  Or, if you choose, they can also be considered a quick "anytime" snack along with a piece of fresh fruit.  As mentioned in the title, some people think they're pretty close to eating raw cookie dough!  But, they don't just taste good, they're good for you too!

Be sure they're kept refrigerated, or cold, as they tend to soften a bit too much if they're left at room temperature.

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