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Think Of Your Training as a “House Of Cards”

House Of CardsDo you recognize any of these terms?  H.I.T.T., Tabatta, Intervals, Kettlebells, Weights, Cardio, Aerobics, Fartleks, Core, Yoga?

They're all mentioned in many discussions around fitness and sometimes (I think) like name dropping, the use of these terms are for the sole purpose of impressing others in the conversation.

Well, I'd like you to think of them as building blocks or (as suggested in the title) "cards" to be used as you build your individual "house of cards" fitness regime. As you use them, your house can get stronger and more diverse.

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Recipe – Power Balls (or “Raw Cookie Dough”)

Power ballsThis recipe (adapted from the “Whole Foods to Thrive” cookbook) is another variation for some good tasting power balls that you can easily use as a "pre" or "post" workout snack.  Or, if you choose, they can also be considered a quick "anytime" snack along with a piece of fresh fruit.  As mentioned in the title, some people think they're pretty close to eating raw cookie dough!  But, they don't just taste good, they're good for you too!

Be sure they're kept refrigerated, or cold, as they tend to soften a bit too much if they're left at room temperature.

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Do You “Eat To Live, or, Live To Eat?”

You Are What You Eat"You are what you eat." is more than just a catchy phrase your mother may have used to get you to eat right. It's a profound truth. As far back as the "Stone Age", people have recognized the healthful properties of certain foods. And now, in the "Information Age", the importance of nutrition is so well recognized and supported by scientific evidence that virtually every major public health organization in the world makes dietary recommendations.

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Recipe – Tofu Pumpkin Pie

Tofu pumpkin pieThis is a great alternative recipe for one of our usual holiday favourite desserts - pumpkin pie!

From the "Clean Food - A Seasonal Guide To Eating Close To The Source" cookbook by Terry Walters.

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Recipe – Candied Nuts

Candied nut mixtureThis great tasting nut mixture recipe was created through a bit of trial and error.  We normally have a batch done up for the holidays and have even gifted some to family and friends.  It always seems to be a hit!

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