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Victoria Dragon Boat Festival Is Done – Now We Focus On The ‘Taper’

Dragon Boat Racing - Victoria, BC

That's us, with me in the Drummer's seat, in Boat #2.

Today is the "day after" a busy weekend of competing in the Victoria Dragon Boat Festival.  This wasn't only our last festival before we compete in the World Club Crew Championships.  Victoria is also our "home turf" Festival and one of my most favourite festivals of all time.  I've competed in the Victoria Dragon Boat Festival for over 10 years, on several different teams, and every year it's been a great experience as a paddler.

This year, it was really great to once again see so many familiar faces, from the many different clubs around the city, and to race against many of my friends and past crew mates.

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Cut Out The Distractions and Focus on Your Goals!

FocusIn preparation for heading to Italy for the Club Crew World Dragon Boat Championships, we've been told to "Cut out the distractions and focus on your goals!"  These words hit home the other week when Tom Arnold, our head coach at the Vancouver Island Paddling Club, told us that in a huddle just before we went out on the water for a practice.  I immediately thought of this acronym for the word "focus"  -  F.O.C.U.S - Forget Obstacles - Concentrate on Unbelievable Success.

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My Journey to the Club Crew World Dragon Boat Championships

Gorging Dragons - CroppedI'm going to Italy!  The countdown is on, only 14 more days and we're on our way!  Why am I going you ask?  Well, the wine, history and scenery are certainly on my agenda.  But, that's not the whole reason.  I'm on a team that's headed to the Club Crew World Dragon Boat Championships that are being held in Ravenna, Italy.  There's actually four teams going from the Vancouver Island Paddling Club and, to be able to represent Canada and our Club Crew, each of these teams had to first do well in a National qualifying event.  These crews did that last year, when the Nationals were held here in Victoria, BC, on beautiful Elk Lake.

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Recipe – Avocado Pesto

Bowl of Avocado PestoHere's a simple, but tasty, recipe for for an avocado pesto.  Add some zest and zing to your sandwiches with this creamy condiment.  Just spread a tablespoon or two on one of your bread slices.  Or, use it as a topper for your favorite pasta!

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Recipe: Sweet & Crunchy Quinoa Salad

Sweet and Crunchy Quinoa SaladThis recipe is for a great tasting alternative way to create a quinoa salad.  If you're new to quinoa (pronounced KEEN-wah), this is a great first-time recipe.  Quinoa is one of those perfect whole grains to have on hand.  It's nutritious, high in protein and it's faster to prepare than brown rice.

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