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Recipe: Cheezecake

CheesecakeThis rich, dairy-free, no-bake cheezecake recipe is an excellent dessert idea.  And, it's not just for those that may be dairy and/or gluten intolerant.  It is seriously delicious!  Every time we've made it, it's received rave reviews.

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Recipe: Spicy Mung Bean Burgers

Mung Bean Quinoa BurgerThis spicy, vegetarian burger is sure to warm you up on a cold day. But, it's great any time!  It's flavour packed, full of high quality proteins (mung beans and quinoa) with a "kick" that's a great substitute for regular meat burgers.

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Recipe – Sweet Crunchies

Sweet Roasted Chick Peas

This recipe is for roasted chick peas.  They make a great, healthy, snack and are very portable.  Easy to make and store. Sweetness and crunch in one bite.

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Recipe: Raspberry Ginger Smoothie

Are you looking for another great smoothie recipe?

Raspberry Ginger SmoothieThis one is a slight variation on our Raspberry Orange Smoothie (posted in January 2013) and includes the refreshing and healing benefits of ginger and spinach.

We served samples of this at our 2nd Annual Love Yourself Event yesterday.  Everyone loved it and asked what was included in the drink.  So, here for your taste buds delight, is the recipe:

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Recipe: Coconut Banana Bread

This is a great remake of everyone's favourite, but without the grain, gluten or refined sugar.  It's a great way tBanana Breado use up over ripe bananas.  Coconut flour is a handy product to have on hand, it doesn't have the glycemic load of grain flours and has no gluten or anti-nutrients.  The only thing is it doesn't yield the fluffiness of regular glutenous flour and might take some getting used to.  This recipe gives the best bread texture without using wheat.

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