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Recipe: Yam Crackers

This recipe is from the "Blissful Raw Food Recipes" cookbook from the Cafe Bliss in Victoria.

They wanted to create something similar to a corn chip but were discouraged from using corn due to the poor quality of product and the lack of year-round availability.  Organic yams, on the other hand, are easy to find year round and, because yams are sweet, delicious and starchy, they make a beautiful orange cracker.

We made these for our recent "Love Yourself" event and they were definitely a hit!  Everyone loved them and asked for the recipe.  Tastes good + good for you = win / win!

So, here's the recipe.

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Recipe: Sports Drink (without the sugar)

This sports drink is, by far, the best you can drink when you're overheated OR when you're participating in a long workout or endurance event (i.e.  ½ marathon race or training that goes over 90 minutes).  It's also good for you to consume this drink when the weather is warm and you're sweating a lot or feel more fatigued than normal.

I've used this drink the day before my event/race/training as well as during and for the day after as well.

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Recipe: Chocolate Recovery Pudding

Here's a recipe for a great tasting, and good for you, "pudding" that's a good addition to your post-workout dietary plans.

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Raspberry-Orange Smoothie Recipe

Raspberry SmoothieFor Christmas, Santa brought us a Blendtec blender and we've been having a lot of fun trying out different uses.  It’s fabulous!  We used to have an old (about 20 years old) Osterizer.  So, this fancy, new and far more powerful machine is certainly a change.

We've done some blending of various things (flax seeds to make flour/powder and almonds to make almond butter) but, so far, we've mostly used it for making great tasting vegetable and fruit smoothies.  For healthy veggie smoothies, you just throw in the chunks (and I do mean chunks) of veggies, select the right setting, push the button and walk away.

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Recipe: Pancakes / Waffles

Five Roses - A Guide To Good Cooking Cook BookMany years ago (more than I want to actually state here), one of the first purchases I made upon moving away from my parent's home was a copy of the "A Guide to Good Cooking" Cookbook that was put out by the company that produced "Five Roses Enriched Flour".  That's it in the picture.

My mom used one and she recommended it.  You gotta listen to mom, right?  As you can see, my copy has been well used over the years.  However, I came to realize that, although the food that I prepared using those recipes tasted really good, some of the recipes it contained were not really the healthiest for me.

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