• Alter Ego Fitness Experience -Outdoor FitnessTraining - Equalizers
  • Alter Ego Fitness Experience - Victoria - Outdoor Class - Langford 3
  • Alter Ego Fitness Experience - Victoria - Outdoor Class - Van At Beach
  • Alter Ego Fitness-97
  • Alter Ego Fitness Experience - Kettlebells At Beach
  • Alter Ego Fitness-80
  • Alter Ego Fitness Experience - Victoria, BC - Outdoor Fitness Boot Camp
  • Alter Ego Fitness - Outdoor Fitness Training - Workout
  • Alter Ego Fitness Experience - Victoria - Outdoor Class - Equalizers
  • Alter Ego Fitness-101

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Members will have access to our online calendar for our fitness classes.  This calendar includes the times and locations of classes.  It may also include whether the class will be a "full body", "upper" or "lower" body workout and/or informational tips.

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Members can also access and download a Daily Nutrition Journal (in PDF file format).  They can then use Acrobat Reader to fill out, save, print or email us the form.

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