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  • Alter Ego Fitness Experience - Victoria, BC - Outdoor Fitness Boot Camp
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The following is a collection of testimonials that we've received from our very satisfied boot camp and personal training clients:

Several years ago Loreli was the very first fitness trainer I ever had.  She set me on a fitness path that I maintain to this day.  I recently completed her 5:30 AM bootcamp and I'm pleased to report that she is better than ever!  I found her current program to be fresh and challenging.  I learned something new in every class and appreciated the original spin Loreli put on "traditional" exercises.  I was also exposed to new pieces of equipment that I had never used.  As an added bonus, all the equipment provided was clean and of excellent quality.  If you are new to fitness training, or an old veteran, this is the place for you!

- Marilyn J.

Coming from an old background in fitness, and having been an instructor for almost ten years as well as a half-marathoner for a few years, I appreciate your skills and abilities around teaching, motivating, and “intimidating” your participants. You get great results, which is exactly why people perform for you – myself included. I support what you do and how you do it 100%.”

- Sandi W.

 Loreli's personal passion for fitness, and a quality lifestyle, goes beyond words. She truly takes an interest in you, no matter your level of fitness or enthusiasm. She is the reason 5:30 am workouts are fun!

- Kelly M.

 Congratulations on your new venture! I can say that nobody has ever motivated me and demanded the level of commitment to a fitness/wellness program as you. I've seen a new me emerge from training under you and you did it with humour, caring, and a desire for excellence for us AND you!

- Michelle H.

Reaching for that next level of fitness, or goal, is something that we ourselves must master. But, along the way some of us need support. Loreli is the person I turn to at those times. She is passionate, knowledgeable, inspiring but, most importantly, she genuinely cares!

- Jacqui S.

I have experienced Loreli as a fitness trainer and her motivation and encouragement drove me to push harder during the workout. When I thought I couldn't do more she could see that I could and, with her saying “You CAN do one more”, I realized I could. She is a very knowledgeable trainer and I like her style.”

- Mary Anne P.

I was told that personal group training could be a life changing experience. I found out that it could be last spring when I signed up for a six week fitness class led by Loreli. I was expecting drill sergeant orders, but Loreli motivated us in an encouraging and engaging manner. Don't get me wrong, she was not easy on us, I had my share of singled out push-ups for not doing my homework. Loreli inspired me to work hard and achieve the most out of each workout. I would recommend Loreli as the perfect trainer for that person who is just getting into fitness, that mom who wants to get back into shape, or that athlete that wants to prepare for their next big race. It was a life changing experience for me and will be for you too. One suggestion though, remember to do your homework!

- Kristine K.

As soon as I heard that my favourite instructor, from a previous fitness company, was starting up their own business called "Alter Ego Fitness Experience", I was so excited. Of all the instructors at the other business Loreli was, in my opinion, the best. She knows her stuff, walks the talk, takes no prisoners and is funny. When she taught the class, the time flew. Okay, maybe I was delirious and light headed, but the time did fly.

- Sandi W.

My experience at Alter Ego Fitness was amazing. I joined with a friend (for support) and found the days she wasn't there I still had the support from the other people training and of course the instructors. The staff are very knowledgeable. They are always pushing you to go that little extra in a very positive and encouraging manner. Some days I had an ab burn, not only from crunches but also from laughing. It is a serious business but they still know how to have fun. I had an accident a few years back, so the instructors would tailor certain exercises to accommodate my injury. I was a little worried about the diet side of the course because I am a terrible meal planner but they were extremely helpful, full of great ideas and handed out some very easy and tasty recipes that I still use today. The key for me was routine and consistency. I reached my goals and then some, but it was what I learned that was more valuable to me. "GIVE a man a fish and he eats for a day, TEACH a man to fish and he eats for life". These are friendly people you can trust and rely on to do their best to make you your best.

- Andrea S

The staff at Alter Ego Fitness helped me to not only transform my eating habits and physique, but also helped me to get through my wedding planning stress. I was the typical bride who bought her dress too small and hoped that it would fit in a few months time. Sure enough, after committing to my fitness and health goals, I not only fit my dress perfectly without alterations, I also felt beautiful on my wedding day! If you want to have fun, feel empowered, beautiful, less stressed, and learn how to lose inches in a healthy way then Loreli and her staff are the professionals you need to speak with. Really it’s up to the individual to commit and get over the fear of trying something new, but I would recommend trying Alter Ego Fitness.

- Stefanie D.

Fantastic! You exceeded my expectations. Everyone is so knowledgeable and supportive, but still gave me the kick in the butt that I needed. It was an extremely enlightening experience. This program has changed my life! Before this I was addicted to sugar and diet pop, was an insomniac, and rarely had enough energy to get me through the day. After only a few weeks in the program, my insomnia and cravings disappeared, I had more strength and muscles than I've ever had in my life, AND my husband lost 20 pounds as a result of the change in our lifestyle! If you're serious about making long-term changes and want to have fun doing it, this is the program for you. Loreli and the staff at Alter Ego Fitness are extremely knowledgeable, supportive and truly an inspiration. I would recommend them to anyone.

- Lynn G

I truly enjoyed the experience. I feel that I have obtained a lot of information that will help me continue to strive for my goals.

- Valerie C.

Awesome! You more than met my expectations. I enjoyed the small intimate classes and the instructors were great! I definitely had a great time and will join again.

- Chris G.

I have done other boot camps and Alter Ego definitely exceeds expectations. The nutritional information we were given, and the small class sizes, set you apart. It was not only a great boot camp, for information, but everyone was so supportive. I had a blast!

– Kayla B.

Every class I end up learning something new. Whether it is nutrition information or a new exercise. You guys are awesome! You have given me a new sense of self confidence and new outlook on eating properly. I look forward to continuing in the next session.

– Amy C.

Great training session! You exceeded my expectations and pushed me further than I thought possible. You addressed the emotional and physical limitations I “thought” I had, but really didn’t. It was just what I needed to finally get back in shape, nothing else worked before this. You cared about me and I felt welcomed and equally important.

- Brigitte B.

This was my first program, but I found it very supportive. I liked that food nutrition was broken down so it was easier to understand what I am consuming. I enjoyed the classes and the constant motivation. I’m happy I joined the class and look forward to another session. Thanks!

– Ashleye T.

You’re tougher than the other programs I have taken (which I like) and exceeded my expectations. Keep up the good work and, if possible, continue with the small classes.

– Shelley M.

I am extremely impressed! You did an excellent job. My confidence levels have gone way up and I feel much healthier. Now I know how hard I can push myself and the amazing results I can achieve. And, I had fun! I love the staff, jokes and encouragement from the group. My knowledge on nutrition and fitness has been renewed and I feel great. My clothes fit better, I look better and I feel better. I know I will be back! Thank you so much!

– Sarah J.

The nutrition component and exceptional trainer-to-student ratio sets you guys apart. Also, you all cared and had a general concern for us, you always checked in and made sure we were giving our best. I really enjoyed my experience with you and look forward to my next class!

- Jessie A.

Every session I pick up more nutritional information and good exercise ideas. I enjoy the constant encouragement to try harder. Thank you for all your support.

– Lorrie H.

My expectations were more than met. Everything about your program is very thorough. I like that you combine nutrition information with effective workouts. And, the trainers knew just when to push us to do our best. I have learned so much that I will keep with me for the rest of my life. Thank you for everything!

- Leigh K.

I liked that the classes are smaller and they start and end on time. The staff is organized, supportive, observant, well-trained and always insistent on proper form and technique. Keep doing what you are doing! I worked my butt off, even when I didn’t want to.

- Anne G.

I expect to be treated well and was treated extraordinarily well, with positive support and attention 100% of the time. Keep on doing what you are doing – it works for me! It’s great to see a group come together like that. I had lots of fun. I have friends in other boot camps. I have seen them, and others at parks where we were, and I have noticed several things that sets your company apart from the others. You bring good quality equipment that is well taken care of, the workouts are constantly changing and you have more than one trainer. There is probably more, but the biggest difference is your personal integrity and the desire to deliver a truly quality fitness experience. You care about each individual and it shows. I really appreciate that. Thank you Loreli.

- Colleen T.

Each and every session was very well planned, encouraging growth in skill and provided a variety of activities and locations. I fully enjoyed everything, particularly the emphasis on “personal” improvement and not competitiveness. Even when we were being “threatened” with “surprises” it was fun and good natured, done to encourage us to go beyond our comfort zone. Keep doing a great job at making fitness fun and meaningful!

- Linda L.

Alter Ego is a very professional and attentive company. I liked it all and the HUGE point is that it worked! I appreciate the sense that this is more than a business. I felt that you actually care and are truly invested in the process. I find you inspirational.

- Maureen M.

I would really like to thank you, and all your staff, for all of your support and hard work. I am now leading a much healthier lifestyle.

– Cam M.

With this being my second session with Alter Ego, I have to say you exceeded my expectations. I thought that it was going to be the same as the first time, but I was very surprised to see that there were different (and maybe even harder) exercises this time. Class is always fun, or as Loreli likes to say “funner”!

- Amanda T.

I never expected to feel so good, so fast. Loreli and the staff always motivated me to keep going every class. The workouts are consistently fun, but you know you are working hard. The fun and camaraderie, with folks you know and folks you don’t know, makes your classes exceptional. It was really neat to see everyone bond as a group and I felt sorry to see it end. I am so thankful for all you’ve done and I’ve been talking about Alter Ego to anyone who will listen! My friends are amazed that I really did it AND I loved it! That speaks volumes for your program. I couldn’t be happier with the outcome! And, as always, the staff was “A” class!

– Kathy N.

You were fantastic! I really enjoyed the program. I believe in your technique and brag about your program all the time. I’ve been to other boot camps and they don’t do any of the follow-up on nutrition or worry about correct form. Thank you!

- Julie T.

You guys were great! Always positive and encouraging, you made it fun. Thank you so much for this tremendous experience. I am looking forward to doing it again.

– Dale N.

I had very high expectations coming into this class and I was blown away! In general, I am not given to comments of exuberance, but I consistently found your classes and workouts motivating, challenging and enjoyable. The Trainers are excellent! Your “A” Team did encourage and support me to bring my “A” game. They were constantly watching our form and encouraging us to push for just that “little bit more”. It is obvious that you know how to vary a workout to ensure that it is interesting and motivating. Having done one other boot camp, I found your smaller class sizes more appropriate, more intimate and far more rewarding! My thanks to all of you!

- Leslie W.

You exceeded my expectations! You were all supportive and it was a great atmosphere. I thank you all for your encouragement and for pushing me that little bit extra. I feel stronger than before. I’ll be back.

- Cara W.

Your level of commitment, expert knowledge, communication and motivational skills are exactly what I knew I needed to help me jump start my recovery process and to help me reach my healthy living goals. I've got a long way to go on my journey but it makes me feel a lot less stressed to know that you are with me! YOU ROCK!

- Lisa K.

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