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There Is No Wagon!

Red WagonWhen a client has a "slip" or fails to stick with a planned course of action regarding their fitness and/or nutrition, they may often say that they've simply "fallen off the wagon" and will then promise to re-commit to a healthier lifestyle. The "wagon", in this scenario, symbolizes their perceived standard of where they think they "should be". The concept is that, as long as there IS a wagon there's also the possibility of either being on it or off it. The truth is, when it comes to your health and fitness, there is no wagon!

Now, without that wagon to fall back on, what do you have left? Well, there's just you and the choices you make. We all have the opportunity to make choices that are healthy or choices that are not so healthy.

I recognize that it can be hard, some may say impossible, to lead a healthy lifestyle 100% of the time. I’m quite sure that even the healthiest fitness advocate has (on occasion) indulged in an activity, or ate something, that didn't fit with their plan. It may be several hours of inactivity while they binge-watch a favourite TV show instead of getting in a workout, or it may be opting for fries instead of salad with a meal. But, I'm also pretty sure that they don’t consider this to be a complete failure. They don't give up on their commitment to a lifestyle of healthy eating and exercise.

So, I want my clients to know that when they choose to eat something that isn’t really great for them, or decide to skip a workout or two, it’s okay. I also want them to know that, at various times in my life, I've been where they are now. I've tried and failed in the past, I still do, and I know how hard it is to keep going. Getting sufficient exercise isn’t always going to be super fun, sometimes the salad doesn’t sound as good as the fries and, really, who actually wants to do another burpee? I want my clients to know that it's in those moments when we're looking around for that proverbial "wagon" to blame things on that our commitment to being healthy and fit will matter the most.

So, even if their best effort today isn't the same as it was yesterday, even if they go a whole week, I want them to write that off as a "break " or "indulgence" and move on. But, I don’t want them to let those few unhealthy choices make them then decide to throw away everything they’ve worked towards or lose sight of their goals. And, definitely, don’t let that week become a month!

Simply remember that there is no wagon and you're not just "off the rails" or "up a creek" or any other metaphor you may try use to say you're struggling. You're where we all are, living a life that's real, complete with trials and tribulations. Acknowledge that and move on.

Remember, there's no standard time frame for getting healthy or for changing your life. Each person is on their own journey. Don't compare yourself to others, or them to you. If you're struggling a lot (or a little) at this particular point in your life, give yourself a pat on the back. Because, if you're struggling, it means that you're trying to change, you're putting in the effort and that's good, it means you're alive. We're all struggling together, on our own journey, but no one is getting a free ride on some wagon. So use your support network, ask for help, and help yourself wherever you feel it's possible.

The primary change you need to make is in your perspective. When you take away the "wagon", all you're left with is the simple daily choices to be conscious of what you put into your body and what you do with it. I want you to choose to eat healthy and exercise!

LoreliLoreli's company, Alter Ego Fitness Experience, offers Personal Training, Group Fitness (boot camp) and YogaFit training options.  Her passion for overall health and wellness, and her innate ability to sense a client’s personal struggles, enables her to assist them to get to their next level and to, ultimately, find their “alter ego”!

"Overall health and fitness is a journey, not a destination!"


Lisa Kratz 07-09-2015, 23:37

Bravo – love this
Even though mine was a month!
See you next week.

Loreli Urquhart 11-09-2015, 11:39

So glad to hear you’re joining us again!


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