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Tips On Staying Active In Cooler Weather

This is the time of year when the natural daylight diminishes Bottle of Wine by Fireplaceand the weather turns cooler and wetter.  We feel our energy levels drop, we become less active and we just want to curl up by a warm fire, watch TV and eat (or have a glass of wine).

Now, more than ever, is the time to get outside and to exercise!  You need to get up and keep moving!  Exercise is ALWAYS important, even on those cold, wet fall and winter days.

Not only will movement keep you warmer but being active will also increase those low energy levels.  Getting outside will help you with those "blah" days because the light works wonders (even though it seems like it's gloomy out, we have many times in a day where the sun does peek out!) and the fresh air is magic on the mind and body.  But, to be successful in getting in your workouts outdoors, and to actually enjoy our time outdoors and be safe, you need to dress for the fall weather.

The first order of business is to be sure you have the appropriate clothing to see you through some of the weather that is expected in our fall season.  You can purchase water resistant (and even water proof) running shoes, pants and/or jackets. If you love to hike, be sure to get warm hiking boots and again, waterproof or water resistant iCold Weather Running - Staying Actives recommended so you stay warm and dry.  Keep in mind that if the extremities, like your hands, feet and head are kept warm then your core body temperature stays warmer too.  Wearing a hat and gloves will help you stay warm and you won't have to cut your outing short because you have numb fingers or ears.  There are so many options out there for all types of clothing, be sure to shop around so you get what you want and need.

You also need to stay safe.  So, while you're out walking/hiking/running, be sure you can be seen.  Darkness is showing up earlier and earlier (remember to set your clocks back when the time changes) and if we want to get outside to go for our walks, we need to be sure we are seen.  Reflective lettering or piping on clothing is highly recommended, but realize that the reflective is only as good as the light that it reflects!  Often, I have been surprised as I am driving only to see someone wearing reflective gear right there in front of my vehicle!  The more reflective areas on your gear the better, but purchasing a couple of lights is better.Running Headlamp - Active Wear

I highly recommend you get a red flashing light (I use a small red one that I can clip onto the back of my jacket) for the back of you and a headlamp for you to see the potholes, curbs and whatever else you have in front of you.  Some headlamps come with a small lite on the back of the headgear so having the two flashing lights will serve you even better.  I also like to use arm and/or ankle bands with flashing lights.  All these light options will draw attention to you and ensure you're being seen from a safe distance so drivers can see you in plenty of time to stop if necessary.  The cost for these lights is minimal and the benefit of being seen after dark is priceless!

Now that you have the gear, be sure you get out there, be active and move!  Join us for a 6-week Boot Camp Training Program!  We always have a class running or starting soon and we have spots available in all our classes.  Depending on your schedule, and your goals, you have the option of joining us 2 or 3 times a week.  Or, if you want more one-on-one training, we also do Personal Training.

Even though you may think the weather is gloomy, it is always refreshing and uplifting to get outside with a group of like minded people and enjoy the benefits of exercise in the great outdoors!

Call or EmailCall or email to get yourself signed up for our next Boot Camp classes.  All those holiday "festivities" are just around the corner.  Rev up your metabolism, your energy and your spirits by joining us today!

Loreli With a WeightLoreli's company, Alter Ego Fitness Experience, offers Personal Training, Group Fitness (boot camp) and YogaFit training options. Her passion for overall health and wellness, and her innate ability to sense a client’s personal struggles, enables her to assist them to get to their next level and to, ultimately, find their “alter ego”!

"Overall health and fitness is a journey, not a destination!"




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