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What’s Preventing YOU From Succeeding?

Desire to Succeed 1This could well be the million dollar question.  If there was an easy answer, then everyone would be succeeding all the time.  But, unfortunately, they're not!  So, I want to share with you  (in a short summary) some observations and ideas of how I believe some of us may be more successful when trying to reach certain goals.  Since it's the nature of my business, I'll focus on health and exercise.  However, you can apply these comments to almost any aspect of your lives.

When  working with a client, one of the first things we do together is I get them to write down three goals.  These goals should be representative of the "how, what, when and why" of their reasons for contacting me to embark on a healthier lifestyle. The goals should also follow the SMART (specific, measureable, attainable, reasonable, time sensitive) Principle.  I need to know these goals so I can create the best exercise program to make those goals a reality.

Each goal will have specific timelines and I always find that what works the best for my clients is that the first goal has a timeline of 6 to 8 weeks, the second can be for 4 to 6 months and the third goal being considered more long term, at a year or so.  This long term goal helps the client to realize that all their goals will require a lifestyle change and (hopefully) they won't think of their progress in terms of "right now" to "fit into this dress" or for that big "reunion" or whatever other important event may be in their near future.  Although, I will help a client with those goals too.  But, I want to also note that I help the client to focus on strength and health (body fat loss) as in how they feel rather than weight loss.  I like to say, "the scale only measures gravity's pull on your body." and, as such, a person's weight is not an accurate measure of how healthy or fit you are.

Going back to the SMART principles - these goals must be ATTAINABLE and REASONABLE.  In my years as a Personal Trainer and a competitive paddler (being trained by coaches), I have found that even with ALL these goals identified, written down, constantly being referred to, measured (using the agreed upon ways to measure and not meaning just girth measurements), motivating, supporting and brainstorming, there seems to be that group of individuals who are always struggling, their goals always seem to be just beyond their reach.

What stops you from reaching your goals?  There are as many answers to this question as there are clients and people who have goals.

I've found that the most prevalent obstacle is the perspective one has in their own mind.  Yes, you can be the reason you don't reach your goals.  There are so many obstacles in your life.  A few of the more popular ones are "no time, family and work obligations, lack of money, poor health, anxiety, stress and fear".  I'd also like to mention here that almost NEVER have I had a client who is just plain "lazy".  My clients contact me for Personal Training or bootcamp because they want to reach goals like getting fitter or stronger or healthier.  They really DO want to reach their goals!

But, there is more to it than simply wanting to reach a goal.  The desire to succeed MUST be matched by the desire to PREPARE to succeed!  A powerful statement that rings very true.  In other words, you must put in the additional effort and plan to be ready for success!

Have you ever stopped to really think about your obstacles to success?  I have clients write down what they perceive to be their five biggest obstacles.  Then, beside these obstacles I have them write down three strategies, for EACH obstacle, as to how they believe they can overcome that obstacle.  Again, these strategies must be attainable AND reasonable.  I want them to be prepared to succeed.  The statement "The New You" could not have a more powerful meaning.

So, when determining obstacles we must recognize that what and how we think matters and can also be a very big obstacle.  We then must work on strategies to help us overcome the mind set.  It's not as easy as it sounds.  We continue to fall back into that rut and we continue to play that "looping tape" in our heads that tells us we won't succeed.  Is it fear?  I think, when given the opportunity to roll it all up into one feeling, it is.  A fear of the unknown.  A fear of letting go of who we are and what we represent to ourselves and the world right now.  A fear of what may be, in the short term, uncomfortable.

Your current mindset could be your biggest obstacle.  Do you really want to succeed?  Or, are you afraid of succeeding?  Most often, clients identify with who they are NOW and cannot fully understand or even picture themselves succeeding or attaining all of their goals.  So they self sabotage over and over again.  Who will you be if you succeed?  What will your life look like when you've reached all of your goals?  Are you fearful of who and what you'll become?  Whether or not this success, when reached, is really the end-all to all your troubles and doubts and challenges in life?  Too often, as in habits, we are set in the mind frame of who we are and even though we truly believe we WANT to reach all of our goals, we set ourselves up for failure because it's what we know.  It's safe.  It's who we believe we are.

IF you can take the time to acknowledge that the mindset you're now in is not healthy, then you're over half way towards reaching your goals.  If you can identify what obstacles are part of your current mindset, and you take steps towards changing your mindset to overcome those obstacles, then you'll be three-quarters of the way towards reaching your goals.

You must have the DESIRE to prepare to SUCCEED.  You must be ready to succeed.  You must be willing to get outside your comfort zone (not just in your exercise regime) but in your mind - your thoughts.  Break through that fear and that mindset.  Your goals are right there - for you to grab hold of and scream "HOORAY!  I DID IT!"

I wish you all success in what you want most!

Loreli With a WeightLoreli's company, Alter Ego Fitness Experience, offers Personal Training, Group Fitness (boot camp) and YogaFit training options. Her passion for overall health and wellness, and her innate ability to sense a client’s personal struggles, enables her to assist them to get to their next level and to, ultimately, find their “alter ego”!

"Overall health and fitness is a journey, not a destination!"

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